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September 14th, 2015 at 08:11 pm

Language Arts I suspect is actually a Computer Tech course.

I secretly think that when teachers are keen on technology in the classroom, they count on families to supply their students with iPads, Chromebooks or tablets, even the families on free or reduced lunch assistance.

Although we are tech happy (four laptops, one Nook) and somewhat savvy, we are frugal. No "cell phones for everyone with apps galore." We are also privacy-minded. Or at least I am. We don't have Facebook accounts. So my kid had to create four accounts (Yahoo, Google, BlueStacks, Instagram) and download an Android emulator for his Language Arts class. He has no tablet, so we had to download an Android emulator so he could install a Google app, but for that he needed a Google account, and I don't want school stuff tied to his personal account,. No privacy with Windows 10, so we keep Windows 7. Naturally he and I ensured he used a pseudonym.

There was a Syllabus Quiz posted in on Sunday September 13 at 7:10 am but it expired at midnight, thirteen hours ago.
Our teachers are on strike, you see. They're locked out of their staff accounts, says the French teacher, but the Language Arts content was uploaded September 13, yesterday. And I'm the only parent subbed to my kid's teachers' blogs, and he's the only account subbed to the Instagram account created for his Language Arts class.

He (we) had better receive course credit for our efforts. He needs 40 books to read this year, five of them poetry. He's started with a Doc Savage pulp novel.

3 Responses to “school rant”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Geesh. That is ridiculous. In our friend's son's district, they aren't allowed to take textbooks home to study or read, and they are allowed to use smartphones to get answers in class. That doesn't help the low income or those who are eschewing technology. It's ridiculous.

  2. Elle [is for Lemon] Says:

    It's sad, all the changes... Frown I have two kids left on school and neither can bring home books. My 16 year old daughter is ways getting her tech rights taken away (ATTITUDE issues), so it's hard for me to just let her get on the computer to do her work... /sigh. Can't win.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Whoa! Thrift...really!? Allowed to use smartphones? Our school practically shuns the things. They aren't to be seen or heard in school at all. My daughter has hers with, but primarily to contact me after school if needed.

    Our last school district provided laptops to ALL high school students, with parent permission. Their were a lot of security measures...such as not being able to even access social media. My understanding is it went really well, and in many cases students could access their text books online and share projects on GoogleDocs because they all had access to it.

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