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Gotta save myself before I save money

April 26th, 2013 at 04:02 am

I spent most of the week being gutted, despite the beautiful weather. I have a recurring dream, which is actually as common as the rotting teeth dream or showing up to class for exams despite never having attended lectures or seminars, of my dead mother having faked her death, and then coming back many years later, only to tell us she is dying for real. It's funny only if you hated your mother, or completely got over the grieving process. I am none of the above. Also gutted by the slap of modern-day apartment/house rentals' "pet rents" (deposits I understand, but $100-$200/month/cat? GMAFB.) which is not affordable on one salary.

So I smarten up and go back to work, maybe work a whole bunch of jobs when the house is cleaned up and decluttered, so I don't feel trapped by some idjit's untrained loud animal; or I refinance, take $$ out of the mortgage, and go buy an effin' house.

I have a nine-dimensional inner life, it seems. I only find out how crazy things are in there when I attempt to talk them out with my soulmate.

In-laws gave me $150 for birthday. I want to use the money wisely, but already it is trickling from the wallet for coffees and gifts for my sister-in-law. It bugs me that I feel I am no good for anybody, and that's probably the root of why I dream my mom faked her death to spend time with her third husband instead without having to be a parent, and this affects how I spend my days. I want the $$ to be divided by "this is a sign that I accept myself completely as I am" and "this is a sign that I am willing to make my life better" expenditures. Does that make sense?

I gave up YNAB for no reason other than being at the low ebb of vitality.

In Jeopardy! news, I met someone who'd been on the show and actually won a game. I sought her out, she was very accommodating and cheerful. Still don't know that I'll be called, but better I know this stuff and maybe get chosen for a trivia team at bars, than blank out on "College Team Nicknames" and "Organic Chemistry" and "NBA Retired Jerseys" on national television.

Text is US of Archie and Link is
US of Archie - Jughead and Veronica are teaching me US History. Good thing I'm not using "Gilligan's Planet" to teach me about astronomy.

Also, have experimented with baking soda, honey, almond oil, and essential oils for cleaning the face. My Target-braned reasonable facsimile of Cetaphil is empty, and I am between the ages of when my aunt and my mom got cancer, so am avoiding parabens. I read that the above-mentioned concoction would cost about $15/year. Darn cheap!

Just tell me this is too soon and I'll remove it

April 17th, 2013 at 12:19 am

I am, like any empathetic and correct-thinking person living in the US, appalled and saddened by the murders, maiming and mayhem of yesterday. I am touched that the good people of Boston opened their homes to the dispossessed and grieving, and the blood banks are full of donations and heavily scheduled. I remember Mister Rogers saying "look for the people trying to help" when these horrible things happen.

That is not the tasteless or "too soon" part.

I don't think it's tasteless to wonder "Who would do this?" and DO think it's hasty still to publicly point fingers and scapegoat people and groups while emotions are strong.

Is it tasteless to discuss in private theories as to why this horrendous act would happen? Are people who hold those discussions in private, and not, say, posting on Twitter or blogs or Facebook their pet theories sick and unempathetic?

Because my tiny brain has made a couple of connections. I'm not sharing them here or anywhere public because they aren't useful and seem too much like "betting". (I participate in dead pools and think they are fun and profitable. Dead pools are totally not trying to destroy the spirit and freedom of a nation.) I don't share political opinions here, and I am not a full-time detective or even a licensed private investigator. I don't claim to know a scintilla of what the Boston Police and the FBI know.
But I'm wired to detect patterns as an investigative/analytic sort, and with the scant knowledge the news media and law enforcement agencies chose to divulge, I am trying to make connections.

Is anyone else privately trying to do this too? Trying to figure out why this would happen and what sort of human refuse would make this happen? Trying to make sense of a devastating event?

WWYD Question about panhandlers

April 16th, 2013 at 10:26 pm

Would you give to a panhandler (able-bodied, with bicycle) who had a tablet you felt you couldn't afford?
How about a panhandler (able-bodied) who had a more recent, app-friendly phone than what you have?

Attempts to save and spend money

April 8th, 2013 at 08:31 pm

Influenced by scfr's low-cost anniversary milestone celebration, I am gathering ideas for celebrating my own birthday. Especially as there does not seem to be more than one result on for "moderate price + casual dress + good for kids + no tv + 4.5 stars". I've learned I can take a ferry from one WA state port to a BC Prov port for free. Could be fun to have a beer or cocktail in Victoria. My underage kid would want to come along though. Don't feel like signing up for national restaurant "clubs" for free food. I may try the women-only sauna spa in the middle of the city, but that is not free. Make myself a spa experience with gifts of soap and clay masks, diy skin scrub and of course, coconut oil.

What I did to save money: Made tooth powder, as my Tom's of Maine toothpaste ran out: two tablespoons baking soda, one-eighth teaspoon of stevia, and two drops of peppermint oil.

Bought two pair of khakis (Bostonians keep their khakis in their pockets) at the thrift store.

I have learned that buying wine at Safeway does not contribute to the gas rewards. Ratzlefratz. I am, however, using up the grains in the house: looking forward to using bulghur and millet in a variety of breads.

I was feeling sorry for my family overspending on Feb and Mar until I saw the four-digit (left of the decimal point) balance in our health savings account. Now I've taken my tot to the dentist, next week it'll be his DTAP shot, I'll go see my doctor for an annual physical, I've renewed my prescriptions for the next five-six months... I feel like I'm on a giddy spree having inherited some money.

April update

April 2nd, 2013 at 06:05 pm

Paid $3895.43 in principal over this past quarter.

Started planning in earnest to sell home. Collected boxes and wrapping paper, contacted some plumbers, returning borrowed items to people.

House equity is, for the first time since 2008, at 65%.
Am confident now I can put $200K downpayment on next home. Credit union no longer allows bridge loans, so we will live in extended stay quarters for 2-3 months.

I'd been stewing in frustration and hopelessness for weeks, but this past weekend had some epiphanies in store for me:
- renewed energy with the longer hours
- the UFYH tumblr tag (Unf*ck Your Habitat), easier and more motivating than FlyLady

I have overspent for both February and March. Oddly, I do not much care. Perhaps it is due to the market value rising, or that I expect some short-term fiscal pain between now and the sale of the house. I've budgeted $18000 for keeping up both mortgage and rent, replacing toilet and water heater, staging the house, moving and storage expenses.

Found 64 cents nearby on Friday. Whee!