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May 13th, 2010 at 11:55 pm

I'm hoping that the person who couldn't comprehend what was written but commented (without linking to her SA blog, craven and subpar combo there) anyway got bored with one year's silence and moved on. Good people left too, but past banter experiences have helped me make better choices and question some held irrational beliefs.

It's true I need to let go of a lot of things. I'm just not seeing the value of those comments. I don't visit other blogs and leave comments that demonstrate that I haven't read everything. One could post: "I don't understand what you meant by ____________" or "you write statement A, and that's foreign to me. Is something missing"?

It makes me wonder what the standards for online discourse are. Also, I don't see anything wrong with supplementing facts and references when making a statement or correction (e.g., "Councilmember is one word" "panini is plural of panino" "Dover is the capital of Delaware"), but apparently some people think that's snarky. If the correction is done in neutral language, how is a vulgar retort appropriate? What does it say about someone's worldview that facts are feared and viewed as something to be protected against?

I don't delete comments unless they are obvious spam, or if they seem to be accidental multiple-posts, because expression, uninformed and ill-constructed it may be, is a right, and it's useful to readers to know which commentators to ignore and avoid. How can one tell the good among the bad?

I just ask that people consider when commenting that inferences about their education, personality and cognition can be made by readers.

Seriously considering refinancing now

May 1st, 2010 at 04:45 pm

not for the money but to keep my mortgage funds within the home state

Text is state banks likely to fail in next 12 months and Link is
state banks likely to fail in next 12 months October 2009 Puget Sound Business Journal article.

If we did refinance I'd go for the 15 year my credit union is offering, although we'd save a whopping seventeen dollars per month, and it would take us until April 2021 to recoup our refinance costs. At which time the house would be paid off or sold. And heck, if I were wanting to sell, why would I care if my mortgagor was going under?

I'm happy to know that my steady mortgage payments over the past 11 years were not at fault for my bank's dismal return on equity (-37%): I feel no guilt. It's the bank's fault for amassing so many nonperforming real estate construction loans.