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I do not understand credit card companies

July 23rd, 2012 at 11:29 pm

I activated, that is, I punched numbers on a dial pad after a successful connection to a credit card company telephone line, a credit card I have owned since 2000.
I did this two weeks ago because I saw that American Express offers collision damage waiver insurance. Then I went to the car rental office to make my reservation.

Today I entered the car rental agency to pick up my vehicle and to pay in advance for the rental. I brought my American Express credit card and furnished it for processing. The transaction did not go through. I called American Express and learned my account was closed.

So yes, Americans, you can be given a replacement card and balance transfer checks and be allowed to activate that replacement card when your account is closed. If this makes sense to you please explain it to me. Because I am of little brain and little understanding in this.

I learned my VISA card allows collision damage waiver benefit, but not before an automaton tried to send me to the internet. I am not on the internet 24/7 and needed this information immediately.

More Spending, and most not on fun

July 23rd, 2012 at 08:01 pm

DS has three adult teeth coming in, two of his baby teeth are not giving way -- his mouth again resembles that of a shark with a second set of munchers. 31 days from now the baby teeth get removed by dentist. Kaching Kaching. Weep.

Went out to Ivar's Acres of Clams as our guests, on a Sunday night, vacillated between seafood and pizza (show me a restaurant that does both well) -- getting reservations for six on short notice in tourist season is tricky. But I managed it. Brother knows pizza is four blocks away if he wants it: very fresh, like from the water to the pier, seafood is not. On days like that I am reminded how small our city is.

My waist is finally at 34", a one-inch reduction. I keep reading that women with waists 35" in circumference or thicker are at increased risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease: what if you are taller than 98% of women? What if you are over 40 and your tummy naturally thickens as part of the aging process? What if your waist is still slimmer than your thighs and your breasts and you can look down and see your toes?

Roadtrip will damage my diet. That is why I have protein bars, trail mix, and spring water for food supply. Pondering taking coconut oil for insomnia and sleep issues, but I would need something portable as an oral debriding agent.

One cat has adopted my brother's family. The one that jumps on people ran back to us on the first cool evening and has not left the bed sixteen hours later. No he is not dead.

No dead pool news: Julius Pierpont Patches has died, which saddens those of us who grew up watching him on TV. Andy Williams is dying and I am sad about that too.

In dry weather, the money deluge

July 19th, 2012 at 08:15 pm

Too bad it is outgoing and not incoming.

My aged automobile's engine does not turn over when it is hot. This started a week before my relations arrived, but as I saw the engine temperature indicator narrowly near the red zone, I thought it was heat -- it was the first hot day of the year. The second time it happened was on Tuesday that week, I took it in for its oil change and asked the mechanics to look at the starter problem. They did not reproduce the problem of the engine not turning over when it was hot, but mentioned the starter lock cylinder and ignition switch were worn, and I hesitated as I did not see the connection between those worn parts and our engine. I had to go to Vancouver BC to pick up people and the car failed in Bellingham after I refueled. No rental cars available at the agency five blocks from the gas station because it was late afternoon Friday. My schedule was off and I did not get to see people because I arrived too late. A few more incidents of the vehicle not starting led me to call the shop in desperation and I authorized the replacement of the ignition lock cylinder and switch which is performed today. NOW, after driving it in hot weather, the shop owner says they have reproduced the problem and now it will cost me double.

The landscaping has been done on the new lawn but not on the garden which desperately needs weeding. My relatives will not take the car out for sightseeing because it is flaky and my brother will not drive if he is not licensed to drive in North America. Which leaves me to drive the piece of junk to places where it will naturally overheat, like the Dragon festival in the International District, or Tulalip outlet stores where my sister wants to visit.

I would babysit my nephew and let my brother and sister-in-law have time together but he does not understand English, and I do not speak much Japanese.

The bright spots is that my brother has not yet succeeded in picking a fight with me. The other bright spot: he arrived when my relatives are here so I was able to introduce everyone so no one will call 911 and erringly report a burglar when he shows up to paint our house. Thirdly, my nephew really likes our cats and our cats have, surprisingly, not fled in terror but let him touch them. My sister-in-law does not like cats but she is warming up to the idea of having one, which pleases my brother. She even did not mind when one cat jumped on her. I have warned the painter that my cat may try to jump on him if he enters our house. I know it is not cool or funny to let pets jump on visitors or strangers but the cat does not bite or scratch and we have to CATCH him in the act to correct his behaviour. We can't control him if we are not around to witness.

The painter has taken his deposit. This week has cost me $2500 and it is not even the end of Thursday. If it were not for Greg Proops taping an episode of "QI" for its tenth series with Stephen Fry, and my husband needing someone to share car-driving duties (RENTAL CAR: I AM DESPERATE BUT NOT COMPLETELY STUPID) for 4200 miles, I would do serious harm to myself.

The gift cards I mailed to what I thought was the Cafe Racer survivor's address did not reach him. They were not returned to me. All today has told me is how much I fail at life.

Irked, peeved at imprudent discretionary spending

July 6th, 2012 at 03:01 am

$405.07 for evaluation from occupational therapist confirming dysgraphia in DS: had hoped insurance would cover it, but it's flipping -----, so bleh. And my car/house/motorcycle insurer ----- ratcheted my renewal policy UP 10%. For a vehicle maybe worth 3x the insurance annual premium.

$800 roughly for a deposit for landscaping, $100 already spent on a room for the roadtrip, and DH decides he wants a rulebook for his fantasy role-playing game. Idiot that I am, I say okay, until I see how much the rulebook costs.

I understand the importance of having personal and discretionary allowance, but prioritizing costs getting the house ready for sale, and testing for child's individual education program, and car insurance, where does the new rulebook for fantasy role-playing come in? I am still paying for last month's tidalwave of medical expenses, baseball tickets (requested for and by my impending visitors)