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January 26th, 2010 at 12:32 am

People on a higher spiritual plane would not look kindly on me, but I would not mind causing pain to the credit card fraudsters who use(d) our landline number so we get calls from collection agencies. Way to be good citizens, scum-of-the-earth!

I have been civil and calm talking to live people who call, because although they're collection agency staff, they are looking for people who steal and skip their responsibilities, and they cry and rage the same as I do. No sense making someone else's day bad due to some scamster who would probably chop his grandma at the knees for drugs, or pee on some blind person taking the bus somewhere. Such decency. In this case, I Googled the phone number that telephoned and it's an agency that collects on unpaid tickets.

UPDATE: screw this PauletteG moniker, I should be

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