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affirmation afterglow

November 30th, 2006 at 05:36 am

So on some other community forum we tried affirmations. I have a neat little book Money is My Friend by Phil Laut with such affirmations. You choose a statement you'd like to self-program into your consciousness, write it out at least ten times, preferably in first second and third person, for a period of time. The experiment on the other forum was for two weeks, I should do mine for a month.

I may have timed my affirmation with a geyser of blessings: free latte from my fave cafe, a short-term stint very well-timed and very very pleasant. A month-long contract of decent pay but one bus ride away (and it's in town! No 90-110min commute from the Eastside!). And a possibility that's going to keep me doing these affirmations for another two weeks: at 150% of what I'm currently earning.

My affirmations?
I am highly pleasing to myself.
My connection to infinite intelligence and infinite abundance yields me a large personal fortune.

But I also like:
There are plenty of opportunities for me to serve people and increase my income.
The value of my work is increasing rapidly in everyone's opinion.

It's like, now that I'm not so angry-depressed-bitter, but energized-hopeful-subversive-progressive, the universe is rewarding me and encouraging me to keep on keeping on.

happy Thanksgiving on Thursday, readers!

November 23rd, 2006 at 04:26 am

I'm grateful for my health, the local job economy, the advice I've garnered and implemented from this Website, a loving and mostly harmless husband, an adorable and bright son, my capable intelligent and supportive friends, and yes, begrudgingly I express gratitude for my early warning anxiety system, which gives me the energy to plan and stave off disaster.

New goals to save for, after the vacation in CA in August:

Cistern/aquifer installation and filtration system

Organic garden in backyard

Replacement windows

Fireplace inserts

Math Crash

November 19th, 2006 at 05:48 pm

From Rosemary Wells' book My Kindergarten:

Miss Cribbage asks me to write the number 95 on the board.
I can't do it.
Odysseus writes it instead.
I begin to cry. I have forgotten what every single number looks like.
Diane Duck and Louise sit with me until I stop crying.
"I do not want there to be any more numbers. There are too many," I tell them.
That night at home, Papa agrees with me about too many numbers. He sits at his desk and closes the checkbook and stacks the bills.
"When all the numbers in the world gang up and land on you, punching and crunching," says Papa, "it's called a math crash!"
"How do you fix math crashes?" I ask.
"I run around the house ten times and take a hot bath and they go away," Papa answers.

Yes, I have a pulse

November 19th, 2006 at 01:52 am

I have been spending money like a slightly tipsy sailor on shore leave. Oooh, work pants for interview times, buy! ooh, silk and lace shirts at vintage/second-hand stores for interview times, buy! ooh, clean trenchcoat, buy! Oooh, reflective-striping safety vest so I can scoot at night and save money without half-orphaning my child, buy! Oooh, developer edition of SQL Server 2005 so I can update my skills and command a higher price on the job market, buy! Oooh, cell phone!

Yes, I capitulated. The cell phone redeemed itself within three days. Cellular phone suppliers being what they are, they billed us months before applying our discount -- hubby went for the family plan. However, the phone has already redeemed itself. I was at a part-time job, really just hanging out with my friend who was my client but doing "work-related activities" with her -- GET PAID FOR DOING WHAT YOU LOVE -- when someone called and said "hey, lucrative short-term contract. Can you hustle your butt to such-and-such for a job interview in 40 minutes?" Why yes, I can. I wouldn't have if not for the cellular phone. God bless Yamaha and Sprint PCS!

A friend of mine who got out of debt through working three(!) jobs was clear and then dove in again, although to shallower debt waters. My lifestyle situation (child with slight special needs, husband with slight special needs) can't afford for me to work two jobs. But the costs, they are increasing, and somehow I don't have that anxiety provoking me to travel the path to austerity. Except for having the temperature at home at 63F during the day, and 55F at night, and trying to get by on four gallons of gasoline a week (hey, your grandparents did it!), and having more vegetarian entrees per week. I'm not unconsciously blowing money on needless things, but it does seem I'm really going to town as of late. I think it's because I'm between contracts and I have some time to catch up on postponed necessary spending: for instance, I have not really shopped for work clothes for three years.