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Blogoversary #2 today

June 2nd, 2008 at 08:48 pm


Back then I had a scooter loan. It was paid off three months later. Income was $5220/net. Now it's larger. The windows are installed. Some goals were neglected, others were replaced. Back then my mortgage payoff-date was 07/2023, now it's 02/2023. I had $1000 in savings for an emergency fund, now I'm nearing $19000.

Back then our outgo was $4957.75, excluding savings, investments, pet expenses, gifts and extra mortgage payments.

Now it is $4943. So the childcare payments get absorbed into smaller childcare expenses, house maintenance, food out, gifts, auto expenses, and taxes. Utilities actually went DOWN 10% from two years ago.

I encourage people, if they're starting their journey from a point of lack, or a disadvantage, perhaps paying off debt or building an emergency fund, to reflect on their progress each year. Granted the gold, housing and equity markets take most of the credit for this, but we're up 25% from two years ago, for the time being.