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End o' Month Scraps

November 30th, 2013 at 01:37 am

I'm not quite at the 7% benchmark for debt repayment for HELOC and Mortgage, but could meet it by December 16. Wondering if I should throw an extra payment at the HELOC so I can have $100,000 principal payment achieved on the house by the end of the year. I'll also have the 20% mortgage paid off milestone reached too. Should I see what percentage of my original 30-year mortgage would be paid off by now?
Update: On March 1 2014 I'd have a balance of $134,518. I'd have paid $162657 in interest at that point.

Not in a big rush to have primary mortgage balance drop to five digits: give it five weeks and it will. Disheartening to see a leftside digit drop practically fifteen years after buying the house.

About planning for the future: the elderly couple down the street adopted a Siamese kitten. I told them how long Siamese cats live on average: they are the Okinawans of the cat world. You should have seen their faces. We should swap cats: they can have our two 14-year-old cats in exchange for the kitten.

Pretty sure I'm not going to win any of this year's Dead Pools. I've lost one sheet to the annihilated Hard Drive, another DP is shutting down because its admins are overcome by the scope of work (72 lists, 40-person lists) updating.

Still ambivalent about debt group attendance. I believe I am the only one counting her car loan and her mortgage, and I am grumpy about attending and listening to how others' parents help them with this and that. "To lose one parent is misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness." It's like listening to hedge fund managers complain about how their penthouse strata council won't let them put in fountains, or how their Cayennes have scratches.

My hard drive died last night

November 8th, 2013 at 03:41 am

I mean died. As in no hope of data recovery, unless I want to mail it to southern California. I am now inbetween the depression and acceptance phases of grief. And even then, I do not want other people to see what stuff I have on my HDD.

I do have an old Dell, which is not completely wiped. I also have DHs (sorry, I cannot use apostrophes as this Windows keyboard configuration has Canadian default keyboard character assignments on my American laptop. DH is in for a surprise when he turns on the Toyota SatNav Voice Guidance too... she will be speaking in metric, hee!

I am using the old Dell. And I have two-month-old backups. But gee! I am **crushed** by this data loss.
Tomorrow morning I was going to have my haircut and colour, and buy a birthday gift for the man who puts up with me (I do not deserve him but that is not an invitation), and all I will think about is the $$$ for all that plus a new hard drive with a five-year warranty.

People were kind to me, my husband and son are sad for my loss, and my preferred School Board director candidate won. Consolations. And we have some Microsoft Gratuity coming to us for usability participation. But Fornicate a Mallard! This data loss sucks!

Eating Out a Lot Past Few Days

November 3rd, 2013 at 04:24 pm

1. Some of us had to drive to the other side of town (15 miles) for a two-game tournament day starting at 7:45 am, so a visit to a 24-hour diner was warranted.

2. By 9:30 am our side of town lost power, for nine hours. A windstorm knocked out electricity to several counties. I've not been without power for that long in this part of the world. We drove north another fifteen miles to eat midlunch/middinner at probably the only Czech/Hungarian restaurant in the western part of the state. The first time I had food there I cried, it was so good. They're open on Thanksgiving, as they are immigrants who don't have family nearby (as am I) so that's where I'm heading.

3. Friday night we had not much thawed, and 90 minutes before a free concert and horror movie, so we went to a happy hour at a local restaurant.
Mortgage milestone: 20% paid! In 2014 I'll have $100K principal paid on the house and that will be very sweet to see the mortgage balance drop to the five-digits!