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As Vonnegut would write 'and so it goes'

October 23rd, 2008 at 05:34 pm

1. The contingency part of my remodel budget is sadly getting a workout. Water/drain supply issues and new circuits. Perhaps the solution to the plumbing issue will result in fewer leaks and lower water usage costs.

2. People in my life are being more open with their finances. This is comforting and refreshing, for I was a stresscookie due to believing I was failing to keep up. Several families are sharing experiences in redoing their "never touched" kitchens. There's some relief in buying a home that hasn't changed ownership in 50 years, but there are some headaches too.

3. Milestones reached this week:
20% spending on the kitchen (no reward);
40% costs for Osaka;
90% annual 401(k) contribution;
75% annual Roth IRA contribution;
20% proposed saving for replacement 4-wheel covered vehicle (no reward)

close to retail priced item of clothing (shoes or boots)
daytrip out with the scooter (scheduled for Sunday: I can fill up for less than $10 again! Bonus!)
two neat magazines (I bought ShopSmart, I can have one more)
scented sea salts for the bath, Market Spice Tea (when I empty two tea boxes) and an at-home facial.

4. I am 0.34% away from reaching the 20% mortgage principal paid milestone. One more week...

5. I've read a prediction that the prime rate will be reduced at the Oct. 29 meeting. Please, yes, reduce that rate. I hope I won't be dinged for the $19000 cabinets prior to the rate cut. If yes, I guess it'll be cash, as my credit card doesn't run that high and I don't feel like exhausting my emergency fund right now.