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bringing my lunch for most of August

August 5th, 2008 at 07:49 pm

I reserve the right to have sushi on occasion with the coworkers. Seriously, since August I have brought my hipster-ironic 1940s "modern living" lunch kit with me, and remembered to pack a lunch. I hope this will help prevent food from spoiling and help us save some money.

I also suspended our CSA for four weeks while we eat our way through our garden. So far we've eaten only the parsley, basil and the lettuce.

I can't do much to make a sizable difference in my water bill. I will try one method of body cleaning that apparently saves 90% of water.

I was going to bake bread this weekend -- opted for rolls instead, and oh boy, the difference lukewarm water and the Kitchen-Aid dough hook make! These were the best rolls I'd ever made, and I'd used the recipe 30 times. Very fluffy on the inside, wee bit o' crust on the outside.

My splurge today has been for products on the

Text is King Arthur Flour and Link is
King Arthur Flour website.

To celebrate the completion of my bathroom and garage door savings goals, I am taking some continuing education classes through the local community college: yoga, Japanese, clutter clearing, and how to plan a kitchen remodel.