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Oil Pulling

How it's done

Brush teeth and tongue before commencing oil-pulling. That way you don't have old crud swishing in your mouth as you oil-pull

One tablespoon of virgin coconut oil, or refined but NOT toasted sesame oil or sunflower oil taken in the mouth. Swish it around the mouth, sucking and pulling, mouth closed please, for fifteen minutes, maybe twenty.


Spit out in toilet. Oil should be white and foamy, and if done right some of your mucus and phlegm will come out too.

Rinse your mouth with a mixture of sea salt and water, or baking soda and water.
Brush your teeth and tongue. Scrape tongue if you have a tongue scraper. Use a non-fluoride toothpaste if you have that luxury.
If you spit in the sink clean the spittle out immediately.

Do up to three times a day. Many acute issues clear up within a week when oil-pulling is performed three times weekly. Chronic issues may take a year. Do expect "healing crises"; that is, symptoms to worsen before they get better. It is a sign of detoxification.

Why it's done
For health! People have posted testimonials of their keratosis pilaris, sarcoidosis, eczema, female hormone trouble, periodontal issues clearing up. The lauric acid and medium-chain fatty acids also contribute to improved mood and energy.

What is happening to me when I oil-pull

Short-term within 72 hours: sleeping through the night. Improved energy. Phlegm keeps wanting to come up though.
Period started abruptly. No cramps or PMS or wacky salt cravings.

TMI zone: bigger stool. Orinasal drip starts as I even brush my teeth in preparation for oil-pulling.