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Serenity'll help me survive any change...

February 13th, 2008 at 12:38 am

I have 48 hours left on my contract. Most of tomorrow is taken up by an interview and a doctor's appointment.

At the cafeteria I saw two men I loved working with prior to this contract. I told them what I was up to, and what my job prospects were -- I have an offer I haven't yet accepted.

I have to trust that things will continue to go well, and that if they don't, the support of my family and our adaptability and ability to accept certain losses will see us through.

I get scared when I look at

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Calculated Risk.

Then I remember that I have, so far, a very cushy life here, and peoples everywhere have lived through far worse and with far less.

Furthermore, if we get sucked down financially thanks to some rotten central bank dealings, so will hundreds of millions of other people. At the very least, we'll have a mass attitude adjustment and some nasty quarters. Maybe one of us will have a run of unemployment. And if things turn authoritarian/nasty, at least one of us will have a run for the border.

I don't know what the future has in store for me in the next three days, other than some appointments and a goodbye lunch. I might have to give up my volunteer position, I might have to pay people to set up my garden. Is this all worth it to afford disability insurance, pad the emergency fund, and to bend over and accept this year's gold-plated tax-whacking with a J.K. Lasser guide tucked in my motorcycle pants? I hope so.

I also know nothing is forever, and this too shall pass.