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May 2015 update

May 1st, 2015 at 06:33 pm

Yesterday DH found our regular visitor black feral cat lying on our deck. It had been hit by a car and hobbled on its three remaining good legs to us. DH announced he'd take the cat to a vet. I announced we weren't going to pay surgery costs for a cat we don't take in at night. I telephoned the city animal control, seven minutes after the close of operating hours, and learned that the emergency vet hospital twelve blocks away from us has a contract with the city. We could take the cat in and not pay for its surgery: a win-win situation. Animal Control telephoned the hospital even to tell it about the incoming cat. So the cat is likely postsurgery, in a cage, doped up, maybe with four legs, perhaps with three. I hope it can be adopted. It's fairly people-friendly, just doesn't like to be picked up.

The feral cat was once a neighbour's kitten. The neighbour leased a house for over a year and did not make any rental payments, so the homeowner (a friend) was facing foreclosure when she returned from India, after tending her ailing mum. They abandoned the kitten when they moved. My neighbours don't waste opportunities to reinforce my notion that people are terrible.

Saw Consumer Reports' flowchart

Text is Know When to Buy a New Car and Link is
Know When to Buy a New Car. I would change the chart to include a question box "Are annual repair costs twice as much as insurance?"
I liked the Lifehacker reader comment

"A fixed expense -- with a new car with warranty, and a decent down payment will put you almost invariably into a safer, more reliable car."

My repair costs have been negligible. The real cost is the insurance. The car is more than halfway paid for, thanks to a decent down payment. I have a spreadsheet in which the anticipated principal paydowns and ultimate payoff balances vary depending on what our cash reserves look like. My debt philosophy can be summed up in one picture:

Experimenting with a fermenting a ginger bug, hoping to have some fine ginger ale or reasonable facsimile (i.e. "Dark and Stormy") on Mother's Day.

I created a personal NHL Bracket Challenge 2015 Paydown scheme, one dollar per point I have in the bracket challenge. The Western Conference (or Clarence Campbell Conference, as I like to call it) was hard for me, especially as I didn't know one team was content to just skate for a paycheque and getting into Round One was just enough for them to prove they improved with a new coach. The Prince of Wales Conference (or Eastern Conference to you) was much easier to predict. I'm at a lofty 56 points, 76 percentile, because I predicted the Wild to beat the Blues (wish I could beat the Blues, perhaps I should turn Wild), and the Capitals to wipe out the Islanders. Apparently many, many other people thought otherwise.

11 Responses to “May 2015 update”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Poor kitty! What is it with sad cat posts on SA recently? Makes me a bit more scared for my own black cat who's been missing since Monday night. But hopefully if he's injured, he'll be taken to a shelter and his tags will bring him home.

    Thanks for the Father Ted pic! I adore that show. Smile

  2. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Oh no ceejay74! Keeping my fingers crossed your kitty finds the way home to you safe and soon. I am trusting the feral cat has a better shot at a longer, happier life now that it's receiving treatment for its leg and is now Animal Control's responsibility but it is sad that a car hit it.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    My favorite Britophiles and Father Ted! Gut wrenching to see the injured cat, but happy it's getting the medical care it needs. Crossing my fingers for ceejay's cat's return.

  4. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Father Ted & caring for animals == "My Lovely Lovely Lovely Horse/My lovely horse/Running through the fields/Where are you going with your fetlocks blowing in the wind?/I want to shower you with sugar lumps/And ride you over fences/Polish your hooves every single day/And bring you to the horse dentist..."

  5. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Very nice of you to make sure the feral cat got the right treatment Smile

  6. ceejay74 Says:

    haha! The Europop episode Big Grin

  7. Buendia Says:

    I am a Father Ted fan, too! We use the phrase "Down with this sort of thing!" all the time! My favorite episodes were the Lovely Girls contest and the one with Graham Norton: "small... faraway..."

  8. Buendia Says:

    Oh... one more Father Ted thing: someone recently told me that the way Ardal O'Hannon saw his character (Dougal) was... a dog! His performance was brilliant, and that idea explains a lot about the character. Now I feel like I have to re-watch the entire series.

  9. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Buendia: wow, great insight on Dougal Maguire. I'm with you, I have to watch the rest of the series. I saw Father Ted's explanation of "small... far away" with the cows in a brief YouTube video on Rene Descartes ("What is the Self?"), narrated by Stephen Fry. The more I learn about "A Song for Europe" episode, the more I like it. For instance, Ted smoking up the bedroom and swearing draws heavily on taped comments by Reg Presley with the Troggs between takes and tracks recording, the pool frolic with women is directly lifted from the Swarbriggs' Eurovision song entry "That's What Friends Are For," and the actors are actually never on a horse in the video, they're walking! Their alternate "melody" for the lyrics is a speeded up monotone Gregorian chant. I like the first episode, and "Hell", and, with you, I just have to watch the rest.

  10. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Oh yeah, the Real and Not Real list for Dougal. Not real: Loch Ness Monster, Frankenstein, Magnum P.I., Non-catholic gods, Darth Vader, The Beast, and The Phantom of the Opera.

  11. rob62521 Says:

    So kind of you taking the cat to the vet!

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