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I wanna start selling my stuff online

January 22nd, 2015 at 11:48 am

...but I can't even sell firearms to gang members.
Seriously, I have a 1958 Elvis Presley EP I tried selling twice on Craigslist, worth at least $20. And a rainsuit, a fricking RAINSUIT with reflective striping, in a city where we still have 15 hours of darkness in January and a lot of rainy days and a lot of scooters, didn't go for $10.

I do include pictures. I am honest about the condition and I try a fair price: i.e., what other sellers are offering for similar items in similar condition.

Is Amazon Selling the way to go? I am reluctant to use eBay, as its PayPal subsidiary screwed me over for three weeks denying it has a problem with servers, and it does seem to freeze people's accounts for no good reason other than faulty algorithms.

Will Amazon find homes for my brother's 20+ year old textbooks and my silent movies on VHS?

2 Responses to “I wanna start selling my stuff online”

  1. FS Says:

    I think you priced them wrong for the avenue you're selling. Most people who buy used items on Craigslist often frequent thrift stores...so the price needs to be comparable for people to inquire. Also, a lot of people over priced their stuff on Craigslist. As for the VHS and text book....You would have a hard time to even freecycle them.

    But everything goes on Ebay. I had a coworker who bought useless junks, ie rusted and broken metal parts from some old car, because they made him feel nostalgic and may possibly be collectible someday.

  2. snafu Says:

    Do you have Kijjiji local, electronic Buy 'n Sell in your community? It's slightly more upscale than CraigsList. I doubt 20 y/o text books or VHS technology sells - sorry.

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