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Pillow Talk, or, a Ballad for Heavy Lids

November 18th, 2014 at 02:17 pm

I learned recently that if your pillows don't

Text is spring back to their proper shape and Link is http://lifehacker.com/quickly-test-if-its-time-to-buy-a-new-pillow-1434946448
spring back to their proper shape after you fold them over, they're of no more use. I wonder now what I can do with old pillows.

I bought two pillows at 50% off from JCPenney today. They are the second and third pillows I've bought this year. It seems I am always buying pillows, but maybe their purchases are conspicuous because I feel I am getting ripped off, or because we have six or seven usually and the life span for a pillow is three to five years. The beauty is that I have free shipping for the pillows.

1 Responses to “Pillow Talk, or, a Ballad for Heavy Lids”

  1. doingtiallwrong Says:

    Good tip about knowing when to replace pillows. My husband goes through them like crazy, they do seem to be less enduring than they used to be. His latest is actually a twin memory foam mattress topper that he cut up into pillow sizes; it made 3 pieces that he stacked into a pillow case. Expensive for sure, but it's lasted almost two years now -- in the past he would have been through a half-dozen or more pillows by now. Personally, I still regret the day I got rid of my two old, had-them-since-grade-school pillows, when I moved into my first house. I've never slept the same since!

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