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yay eighth anniversary of blog tomorrow

June 1st, 2014 at 12:17 pm

I have loosened up on the stinginess from this first quarter. I have signed up DS for school district music camp. The city animal shelter has dinged me $27 for not renewing my pet license on time.

We saw baselle on Memorial Day, as we walked past her bus stop.

I chicken out of paying extra to the HELOC and car loan every time I log on to my credit union account. In their 1935 short "Thicker Than Water," Mr. Laurel suggests to Mr. Hardy that the whole savings account be emptied to pay off the furniture, after Squinty-Eyed Mr. Finlayson, their greatest comic foil, comes by demanding the dough for delayed payment.
Mr. Hardy thinks emptying the account is a grand idea, Mrs. Hardy does not, but gives no reason. Mr. Hardy is emancipated, no 4'9" woman with a frying pan and a mean swing is going to tell HIM what to do, so he empties out the joint savings account. He walks into an auction, sits by a woman who wins her bid on a grandfather clock. She has no money! She has to run home and get it but won't Ollie be a gentleman and cover her for a little while? Ollie does.
The grandfather clock is demolished owing to stupidity, because this is a Laurel & Hardy short. Mrs. Hardy goes to the bank, learns that her spouse empties it out. Angrier than a wet hen, Mrs. Hardy is.
Her domestic violence against her spouse sends him to the hospital, presumably for a subdural hematoma (that frying pan made a massive gong noise) yet a blood transfusion is required (dunno, lots of these shorts are heavy on gags and light on scenario continuity).

Okay, I can see kinda why emptying one account to pay off a loan, leaving today's $200 for the month, is a bad idea. But I'm still hesitant to pay anything more than $20 biweekly toward the debts. The "What Ifs" for my son's teeth, cat's eventual euthanasia, furniture, budgeting for car repairs (warranty expired April 2014), and home maintenance loom large in my scenario. I'm not worried about domestic violence. If domestic violence hasn't happened in twenty years it'll be an sign of dementia that'll bring it on if at all.

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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Happy Blogoversary.

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