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Hey Hey Hey It's Hesitance Day!

February 17th, 2014 at 01:08 pm

Taxes are done, filed. I passed on the Amazon giftcard because I was afraid I'd err and end up putting all my refund in the giftcard. Ditto on the I-Bonds. Lost internet four times this weekend and was afraid of anything getting lost, or resubmitted.

Return monies potentially allocated thusly:
* one Raspberry Pi
* x% of outstanding HELOC paid, where range(x) is 4-6%
* x% of outstanding car debt paid, where range(x) is 5-7%

It would feel delicious to see those balances down to four-digit figures before the end of the year

*Rest of $$ for family

More importantly, I am at the magic point where we have 3 months living expenses in our liquid assets. My plan now is to put 1/5 of the surplus aside for investing, where anticipated gains > 6.5%, and 3/5 toward debt repayment, and the remaining 1/5 to the assets for inflation creep or Savings Challenge. The plan for this executes 21 February 2014, when the credit cards are balance-free.

Menu planning:
Franks Paprikash
Fried Tidbits of Swordfish or Other Fish
Baked Fillet of Sole with Tomato, Oregano and Hot Pepper
Eat whatever day
Beanie Weenies
Chicken Tarragon Spaghettini
Veal al Limone
Coconut Lamb Curry

We will have eaten down most of the freezer meat by payday. I have the money for our next great meatmarket venture in the Money Market Account. Only with extreme planning can I get our monthly grocery spending below $600. I use coupons, price book and check for meat markdowns.

5 Responses to “Hey Hey Hey It's Hesitance Day!”

  1. Carol Says:

    I tried the Bok Choy Noodle Bowl from your menu last week. Tasty. Thank you!

  2. miz pat Says:

    I have two nephews living with me now. They could literally eat a horse - i always check to make sure the 4 dogs are still there, just in case (JK). I haven't set up a price book yet, but I do know the price of base items and where I want to buy them. Like Smart & Final Iris has the best bulk cheese prices, and also has large amounts of herbs for good prices. I tend to shop by meat prices - if chicken breasts with no skin or bones are for sale at $2/lb. I stock up.

    I have a stand up freezer i got from Sears for $300 years ago, and it is filled with meat, butter, and whole grain flours.

    I have a new recipe for when whole chickens are cheap. Buy some fresh herbs (I can get rosemary and parsley fresh), and rub a cleaned and dried chicken with parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, black pepper and salt mixed in some olive oil and clean out the cavity of the bird and put in a lemon cut in 4ths (with the skin), a clove of garlic and half a large onion (without skin).

    Cook on 425 degrees for 1 1/4 hour and it tastes fantastic.

  3. PauletteGoddard Says:

    MizPat, I saw a similar recipe from Marcella Hazan but her version called for trussing up the bird. You don't sew up the opening after stuffing, do you? I want to try this because I've read the lemons make the bird's texture "forktastic" wonderful.

  4. NJDebbie Says:

    Miz Pat, your comments about your nephews made me laugh! My boys, used to eat me out of house and home even as little children. Your chicken recipe sounds delicious. I will try soon!

  5. miz pat Says:

    No - you don't truss up the bird. And Paulette, you are right, the lemons do something to the texture and taste of the chicken that is delicious.

    NJ Debbie, they are the best nephews in the world, but I'm amazed at the amount of food they can put away at a sitting. Meals that would last me a week disappear with no leftovers!

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