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Deadbeat Kindle Reads, plus Budget Drawback

January 15th, 2014 at 12:58 pm

Today on

Text is Money Saving Mom and Link is http://MoneySavingMom.com
Money Saving Mom I lucked into a time-limited offer of free licenses for Kindle eBooks. Titles I downloaded include Frugal Living: Powerful How To Advice on Living Frugal..., Dirt Cheap Organic, Paleo for Beginners and The Ketogenic Diet. I don't have a Kindle but downloading Amazon's Kindle-for-PC application was completely free, without adware, and fast.

I also visited my favourite drug store for amazing deals ($3.30 savings per toothpaste tube) on Tom's of Maine toothpaste. Adding $7.60 (two tubes) to the 52-week Saving Challenge.

I slipped a bit: we got the fundraiser Guest Bartender date wrong last night so we consoled ourselves with dessert takeout from the supermarket. Sugar doesn't do me any favours, but with 1200mg alpha lipoic acid daily intake I can handle an eclair or half a Pop-Tart without waking all sweaty in the dark. So I had an eclair. I did wake a few times with weird, weird dreams ("oh look! a human corpse. Someone should clean that up."). I walked it off today.
I froze some orange peels earlier in the year. Today I took some out for thawing: half are in a jar of vinegar for cooking use; I will scatter orange peels around my food plate because we have a lazy, greedy cat who lurks on a dining chair ALL DAY, and gets belligerent when we eat. The peels will repel her. If I can manage some vodka, I could extract oil from the remaining peels to use in the bath. When I can manage the cash to buy a microplane grater, I have additional uses for them. Orange peels are good to use as kindling or to throw in a fire.
Text is Here and Link is http://thesproutingseed.com/30-ways-to-use-orange-peels/
Here are more ways of using orange peels around the home.
Update for Sadness: My son's complained a few times about the $40 clarinet we bought him in August. We brought it to a local instrument shop for possible repair, but were advised that abandoning it and renting would be the better way to go. My child has a concert next week. We are back to renting, but it's $8/month cheaper than where we last rented. We agreed on some pad protectors (my child paid for those) and a cleaning case (the woman wasn't up for haggling with the $22.13 cash I had with me).

3 Responses to “Deadbeat Kindle Reads, plus Budget Drawback”

  1. scfr Says:

    Thank you! I downloaded "The Amazing Monarch." I am blessed to now live in a place where I have seen the Monarchs migrating. I am now inspired to plant milkweed in my yard.

  2. PauletteGoddard Says:

    @scfr I saw a fascinating documentary a few months ago on the Monarch, and how an academic tracked their migrations from Ontario to Mexico for decades.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    I think a good move to rent a nicer/better playing instrument. Glad it was a better deal this time. Our rental cost for my girls flutes was applied to purchase. My oldest has been playing for 6.5 years and the younger one for 3.5 years. The more they enjoy it the more likely they are to stick with it.

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