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Empty Purse to go with my Empty Hearse

January 5th, 2014 at 08:31 am

Recorded my shopping experience at safewaysurvey.net, in hopes of winning a $100 gift card.
I saved $50.56 from my total shopping, using paper coupons, Just-for-U savings and card savings.
However, I have now $140 to last us five days, unless the GE stock purchase goes through, in which case $100 to last us five days. I won't be needing to fuel up in six days, so that's good.

I planned close to three weeks' worth of meals. We have a full freezer now. I'll need about twelve onions and canned tomatoes, and maybe if I'm feeling rich some whipping cream along with the eggs, bread and milk we'll eventually need to restock.

From January to mid-April I go through a First Quarter panic. We'll have some tax bite from the sale of some stocks my spouse sold a year ago. Plus car tab renewal in April as well. I'm determined to eat better this year's First Quarter panic. I've a greater assortment of “cheap cooking” blogs, and dozens, if not one hundred, slow cooker and cheap cuisine books available to me from the local libraries, including the busiest library system in the United States.
Said to me today over a juice break: "You placed SECOND in a Dead Pool?"
Looked at Lifehacker article: "Write Down Exactly What Your Savings Are Allowed to Be Spent On". Okay: furniture, home improvement, debt repayment, shareware donations, Donors Choose projects, stock purchase, and Safe Deposit Box Rental. That money isn't going to be moribund in a 0% account while there's some prettying to be done, some debt to pay, and money to be made. But it will accumulate in that 0% account until certain minimums are reached.
Spent an hour scouring the Web, including Google search "site:savingadvice.com [cheap eats] [thrifty meals] [budget cooking]" for blogs with content combining frugality with food. I just discovered "Grocery Budget" category in the forums. And

Text is this article and Link is http://www.savingadvice.com/articles/2012/02/07/109201_50-ways-to-save-money-on-food.html
this article

Blogs and Sites Outside
http://www.cheapcooking.com/ - a popular one among retired/old-timer SA bloggers
http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/cheap-eat (this is a UK site.)
http://www.pinterest.com/geauxsaints9/thrifty-cooking/ (Pinterest aggregate)


1 Responses to “Empty Purse to go with my Empty Hearse”

  1. snafu Says:

    with a full freezer and we'll stocked pantry there's no need to feel pre just jot down. 5 fav entrees, a side dish & two vegetables. specific prep (baked, roasted, grilled, crockpot) details and 1 - 5 to be decided each evening as you take something out to defrost. if you have week 2, 2013, copy successes if you like. if some days are busier than others, pick those days for easy easy fast fix like crock pot, heat ' neat left overs or a 12 minute pasta dish. have you looked at Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals (library)?

    Sorry about errors, neighbor and I have traded Air Book and iPad for a few days to see how we like a new toy

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