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Day of the Deadbeat

January 4th, 2014 at 12:56 am

DS earned a value-added nonrefillable Gameworks card for his participation in a library reading marathon for middle schoolers. On the last Friday before he returns to school, he and I took the bus downtown.

I had with me my second place Dead Pool "Departing Gift" which I intended to deposit in a closed account. I am not the brightest star in the firmament. Instead of asking the very solicitous and everpresent concierge of a building lobby for a quarter, we asked where the nearest building decorative water fountain was so my son could collect some change for the bus. I did not know his regional transit card balance, only that it was low, and I had, other than my $20 bill, $1.25 on me, about twenty-five cents less than my child needed to board the bus.

We returned our library books at the downtown library branch, got some new books, went to Gameworks where I was employed to solve "Wheel of Fortune" puzzles. Then my kid's sails no longer billowed, so we went to the Driver Licensing office to learn no Motorcycle Manuals were printed anymore, and to the credit union where I learned my account had closed years ago, despite my receipt of a new account number and getting lots of marketing material in e-mail.

I got my pencil sharpened... for free!
We rode on the bus... for free! Our prepaid regional transportation cards could not be processed as the bus card reader was out of commission.
I got a credit union wall calendar... for free!

And yes, we had physical as well as metaphorical raindrops. Pennies from Heaven, and all that. It would've been sweet synchronicity to borrow the "Pennies from Heaven" DVD from the library, but I settled for Richard Matheson's Hell House.

Savings: $17, excepting my kid's game card. Earnings: $20. I still have the bill with me. I'll deposit it at credit union #2 tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Day of the Deadbeat”

  1. baselle Says:

    Sounds like it wasn't just you as the deadbeat ... the DMV was a deadbeat and so was the credit union. Especially the credit union. They could have broke the bad news to you sometime.

  2. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Apparently the financial institution laws here, perhaps dictated by the FCC, do not allow for marketing entities connected to banks and credit unions to update or delete account information after any length of time. This is why, after I closed my Prevail account, Harborstone, upon merging with Prevail, sent me monthly marketing spam and a new account card (marketing). And why, after I received a new American Express card (marketing) and researched its insurance benefits, I was told the account was closed only AFTER I tried to use it for renting a car.

    And they wonder why people hide money under the mattress.

    I'm ticked at the lack of print Motorcycle Operator Manuals. How was I supposed to read it on the bus? I did crosswords instead with a pencil. Some people stared, but what the hey, show me the urban tough who boards a bus, and pokes people with his gun as he tells them to fork over the GAMES magazine.

  3. baselle Says:

    Re:bus gunman. I love my Net10 phone. Cosmic justice if a guy with a gun on the bus wanted my phone. "Sure, ^&%^&$%$, have fun with my FLIP phone!"

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