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staying beyond initial exit date

August 17th, 2013 at 08:44 am

No, I'm not defecting (I never lost citizenship so repatriating is not the right word). But now I find that my library books are going to incur dues, I'm spending more money than allotted, I still have license and medical bills to pay when I get back... hope the hubby isn't having pizza and beer every night! I'm so penurious at home too!

Shockingly, despite all our fun and friends and adventure, I'm ready to return home, if the dream I had this am is any indication: my mom was ignoring me and having fun with her friends going off somewhere, and in a fit of pique I gave her the finger, said a sentiment associated with giving someone the finger, and added "I'm going back to Seattle!" I'm only here because the family whose house I'm squatting in extended their vacation.

Anathemic: "It's only money!" I love so much reconnecting with my friends and family at their leisure, seeing more of the area than I did when I didn't have a car or made one-day trips. The kid is rarely bored, having access to sports channels on cable television, his Don Cherry Rock'em Sock'em DVDs and other Canadian amusements. I'm sure I will regret at leisure the spending, but my spouse will thank me for bringing the tot up with me, the tot will thank me for an extended stay at his "homeland."

3 Responses to “staying beyond initial exit date”

  1. baselle Says:

    C'mon, you know he's having pizza and beer every night. Big Grin

  2. My English Castle Says:

    And probably has left the pizza boxes and empties for you.

    It was so hard for me to leave Minnesota last weekend; I feel your pain, or at least a tiny twinge of it.

  3. PauletteGoddard Says:

    My reverie rudeness to my mother was premenstrual, I learn this morning. Even more reason to leave: I did not plan on staying this long and now am filching protection from the taboo bathrooms as an emergency measure (C'mon ladies, you'd do the same thing before heading to a drug store).

    Pizza and beer: the captive domesticated male's attempt to fend for himself. This sounds sexist, but my c.d.m. sees his fellow captives at the supermarket with di Giorno or Totino's or Red Baron and some brew and says: "Ha Ha! Bachelor night!"

    Worse dream this morning, checked on credit card charges and the balance was in the $1700-$1900 range. And in my dream this morning my optometrist tacked on $100+ in charges (he wouldn't do that in real life) and waved the bill in my face so I couldn't look at anything else.

    I love my friends, they've done a lot for me this trip, but I'm ready to go home, use MY protection, soak in MY bath, play with MY kitty, and... clean up the empties and recycle the pizza boxes.

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