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Round up of interesting freebies and articles

June 26th, 2013 at 04:59 pm

List of Free Science books

Text is online and Link is http://physicsdatabase.com/book-list-by-title/
online. Science books for the beginner
Text is here and Link is http://physicsdatabase.com/a-beginner-friendly-list-of-free-science-books/
Math books
Text is here and Link is http://physicsdatabase.com/free-math-books/

True Cost of Our
Text is Vices and Link is http://costofyourvices.com/
Vices. I have some quibble with this: no setting for the one glass of wine every two weeks or once a month, and if one 8 ounce drip coffee at home costs $1.35 (2 oz of coffee may cost that much, but ground and percolated gives you three cups, doesn't it?) then my family is spending too much on it. Also assumes 2-3x/week minimum fast food option, 7 lotto tickets/week minimum option, 2-3 cans of pop/week minimum option. So $503 annually of our money goes to coffee sweet and hot, and maybe $200 for the wine, fast food, pop and lotto combined in a year.

If frugal movie night isn't even Netflix or the local library, you'll like Flavorwire's list of the
Text is 50 Great Movies and Link is http://flavorwire.com/396166/50-great-movies-you-can-legally-watch-for-free-right-now/view-all
50 Great Movies you can legally watch for free!
How I saved money today:
1. Learned that our toll road sticker was not deactivated when we sold the car, even though the car was removed from our account. My stomach churned when I saw our state Dept. of Transportation automatic withdrawal of $30. We went in person to a customer office with our account printouts showing we were being billed for someone else's car. When I provide the Proof of Sale Receipt (I'll do that tomorrow) the charges get reversed. Fortunately only $4 worth of tolls had been incurred over the last six months.
2. Bought a clarinet for $40 instead of $125. The seller even had it out where she could find it easily.
This is going to save us $$ on monthly rentals. Boy is sulking because it looks used, but we told him Artie Shaw and Louis Armstrong did not have new instruments when they were preteens.
3. Scrabble Club director kicked in $3 addition to the $15 domain renewal fee I incurred. Coffee or lotto ticket?

1 Responses to “Round up of interesting freebies and articles”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Good list of freebies...hope you get the toll road sticker issue resolved.

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