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Passing notes

September 12th, 2012 at 08:39 am

$256.97 spent on groceries and meals/treats out this month so far. Half of the groceries were purchased at a Big Box warehouse store as mentioned: pantry items like canned tomato products, quinoa, brown rice, sugar. We buy a lot of fruit, apparently, as I need to refill our fruit bowl every five days. Sadly, we saved on average 23% per purchase too. So keeping a price book, planning meals, using coupons, making inventory lists of pantry, refrigerator and freezer still are not sufficient in helping me meet my goal to bring food spending down. Without the eating out, the grocery spending is $198. But we are still $5.00 away from meeting our $40/month coffee quota!

I also bought a cheap bottle of Riesling for poaching trout, used a cup of it and then brought it to book club, where it found several good gullets to go to. For fellow book nerds, we discussed _Anna Karenina_.

We bought Guinness Stout cans at 75% discount, to be used in some

Text is FANTASTIC beer bread and Link is http://www.food.com/recipe/Beer-Bread-73440
FANTASTIC beer bread.

DS goes on a three-day outing to Olympic National Park in November. I must find the handout he brought home and check his wardrobe for needed items, then budget for them.

DH's grandmother died last night but as we were over there last month, when she was confined to her room and unable to recognize her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, we get a pass on returning, especially as there is no service, only one of us could go during the school year (obviously the husband) and she was cremated hours after the death certificate was signed. I nudged my husband into sending flowers to his parents, in sympathy.

I don't know that there is a lot of grief left in the in-law household: two septuagenarians, one working full-time, the other recovering from knee surgery, spending shifts at her bedside, getting little sleep. They got to go together for coffee once the body was carted away, something they used to do daily before the lengthy languishment, and that they did once while we were there. But now they can rest and sleep and order danishes and nonfat lattes.

I need a new pair of walking shoes that do not crush nor fracture my toes. Also in need of replacement: our chairs -- I can get a desk chair for $10-$25 at the university surplus store. In the meantime, I shave off my VISA balance.

3 Responses to “Passing notes”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Oooh--Anna K. Sorry to hear about your DH's grandmother, but it sounds like it wasn't a bad time to go. I wonder if more grief will surface later?

  2. PauletteGoddard Says:

    @My_English_Castle: Possibly. Grief has a variable timeline. I was there when my mother-in-law was grieving about never having someone to take care of HER, she was always told to take care of her mother. I'm imagining my in-laws in their kitchen standing, saying "we have free time again? What do we do?" Our son picked up on this and called them to say they were welcome to come visit.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    My brother was drifting for while after my mom died. He'd been there almost every day for a long time. I hope the in-laws find some time and some peace.

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