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Frugal Things I Did Today

August 28th, 2012 at 04:28 am

I refueled the car at $3.56/gallon USD. Just outside Seattle. (The cheapest price quoted in town is about forty cents more.) Thank you, Safeway!

I also went to the beach to pick up about 20 lbs of sand for foot skin exfoliation. Our drug store had sold out (!) of pumice stone. Walking 0.2 mi uphill with the 20 lbs of sand was part of my exercise. I will sleep well tonight, it is hoped.

Eating down the pantry for the second day in a row. This time I emptied the millet. Yesterday it was 2 1/12s of 1 lb packages of linguine and fettuccine.

PayPal has suspended my husband's account due to a SUPPOSED suspicious credit card activity on 6/30. We looked at our July statement tonight and saw a refuel at a gas station for a typical amount (11.7 gallon tank, 10.6 gallons refueled, what is the problem? Did everyone except us stop using credit cards for gas station refills?). I have never been a fan of companies who have the policy "we can end your account for no reason, and you can't argue with us". That does not win the kind of customer that is me or my husband.

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