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Back and broker but not with a broken back

August 3rd, 2012 at 07:46 pm

The neighbours left on vacation. They took the third best option and left their senile incontinent lonely whining dog inside. Better options are kenneling and taking the dog with them.

I left on vacation with my family. We took the 2nd best option and left all our cats with 24/7 housesitters. The best option would have been kenneling one cat and keeping two cats at home.

Semi-frugal: had free tickets for the Botanical Gardens and for OMNIMAX and Planetarium of the Science Center, and free breakfasts for most of the travel days. Also many dinner entrees for under $10, unheard of in Seattle unless there is a drive-thru and caloric information posted above a uniformed front-counter person.

not at all frugal: Hubby locked the car keys in the truck, requiring a locksmith, and the boy unbuckled his seatbelt when a state trooper approached us after pulling us over. Yes the car had stopped before the boy extricated himself but apparently that did not matter and cannot be proven in court.

Car got 30.5 mpg mileage -- not terrific, but it does terrific speed as we learned through Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Montana and Idaho.

more expenses: higher car insurance, boy requires three teeth extracted, ticket for the unbuckled seatbelt -- we were NOT ticketed for speeding, though we were pulled over for doing 88 in a 75 zone. We were not ticketed because my husband was driving: he had not exceeded the speed limit at any time in our marriage prior to this incident, and we had a rental car we had not spent much time in.

Not looking forward to credit card statements, no sirree.

2 Responses to “Back and broker but not with a broken back”

  1. baselle Says:

    Where did you get stopped? My DH got stopped in Montana, with a warning and only "apparently" because the trooper was lonely and wanted to meet people. Eyeroll here.

  2. PauletteGoddard Says:

    DH must be a dreamboat!

    We were stopped in Sundance, WY. On our way back passing through Sundance we saw a trooper with someone pulled over. When we looked for ways to pay online the WY state page with the info had a comment section hinting that targeted out-of-state plates were feeding the coffers of the county. I do not deny we went 88+... I averaged 85 going through Montana and slowed down ONLY to avoid a young texter going 90+ **SHUDDER**

    We hazarded that WY troopers were trying to catch cruisers trekking to Sturgis, but all the cruisers we saw on the freeways were obeying the speed limit!

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