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Signs I've been saving money

March 5th, 2012 at 06:03 pm

The balances seem abstract to me, except the tax bill, that's as concrete as a two-ton weight. When the proprietor of our espresso hangout says he's noticed our absences, staring at the tip jar, we can see how the $$ we contributed to his fund made a difference.

I'm not bothered so much now by the tax bill: I earned that much over the year in interest, dividends, and other investing. Although I am requesting DH change his tax withholding, it seems to me I am a more responsible steward of monies eventually turned over to the government than the government is of monies returned to me. The initial shock of surprise and unplanned expenses ebbs when I understand I have the $ to pay for them. Maybe the refinance changed our tax deductions for us: we pay under $4300 in mortgage interest, pay under $3400 in real estate taxes, the $600 tax for the roof just don't add up to itemized expenses. Last year we paid $5100+ in mortgage interest, and probably $6100+ the year before that. Amazing how fast the $100 savings is redirected to school donations, higher food and gas prices. We shopped and got $68 worth of groceries, but I've forgotten most of what we bought. I remember the produce, and dairy products and Nanaimo bar, we got some bagged cereal as well. Oh yeah, the wines. The wines cost at least a third of the bill. Meanwhile if I use up four vegetables our crispers are halfway to empty.

I wasn't happy with last month's food bill, but I did shop at Costco and buy a bulk order of meat, that's $300.

What's great when the insides are not so great: organic udon in chicken broth flavoured with salt, sugar, soy sauce, and sprinkled with five spice powder and kelp. Ohhhh.

In Dirtnap for Dollars news two of my picks are selling their houses; one has defaulted on her house loan. Try to imagine being in the tabloid news 50 years ago for wearing furs, getting jewels from randy royals, and big divorce settlements, and then defaulting on a house loan when you're five years away from pushing 100.

My Office Professional 2010 arrived today. I hope my 2008-era Dell laptop can handle it.
Extending my spring cleaning to include my PC and my insides. Starting with yogurt smoothies and indoor exercises.

Watching gold and silver slide like cliffside Malibu houses during an Act of God. If I see it below $1690 USD I'll buy a half ounce or one ounce.

3 Responses to “Signs I've been saving money”

  1. baselle Says:

    Zsa is defaulting?

  2. Katwoman Says:

    One third of the bill for wine? I used to buy a few bottles until the costs started rising. Now I don't even bother drinking the stuff anymore. Not only does this save money, it saves calories. At least that's how I choose to justify it to myself as I stroll down the liquor aisle.

  3. PauletteGoddard Says:

    @baselle Zsa and Prince Fredric are defaulting on their house loan.

    @Katwoman I use white wine for cooking with fish and sometimes for deglazing sauteed chicken. I use red wine for beef stews and spaghetti sauces. We buy bottles every three weeks, roughly. If I pick up a nice Sangiovese or Valpolicella I will have some with my Italian meal. My spouse also drinks red wine, maybe once a week. I don't drink alcohol out much, maybe once a quarter.

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