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'Interest'-ing Day

December 17th, 2011 at 10:34 am

Friday I witnessed six impossible things before noon:
1. Smooth ride free of congestion to downtown, namely the Public Markets.
2. Immediately available parking.
3. Easy walk with 25 lb box o' meat to car.
4. Easy parking spot to Western Ave where I reused the parking sticker (illegal).
5. Got back from downtown in thirteen minutes. (I live over eight miles away).
6. Had exactly enough for fish, meat, Terry's Chocolate Oranges, and 2012 Slingshot.

I offered one to my son's teacher when I came by to give my son a lunch. His teacher is English, so I expected the Chocolate Orange would go over very well. He received it like a young child, with an "OOH!"

Not going to buy a car until my finances are big enough to manage paying off the car + the HELOC.

Compared to a year ago I am $1515.01 poorer in liquid assets. I'm playing the tattered and faded "I paid for a new roof" card here and saying that's not entirely sucky.

Hubby got $350 from his parents. It's designated "fun money." I asked him to consider putting it in the Money Market Account and he made a face. What's wrong with wanting cheap fun all year?

Did I mention I have three strikethroughs for my 2011 dead pool? Two within ten days. Golden!

2 Responses to “'Interest'-ing Day”

  1. baselle Says:

    I got one, finally also. (Hitchens) I'm in second place, 12 points behind the leader.

    Yeah, what was yesterday? It felt like I Am Legend or something. I got on the bus and got a window seat, and coming home I was on a bus with many empty seats.

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Mmmm.... you had me at Terry's ....

    My Walmart here is already all out of stock ... I managed to get two (one from Target, and one from Walmart) Terry's is the reason for the season (and for Valentine's and Halloween and Easter ...) just kidding Smile

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