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November 10th, 2011 at 02:50 pm

My son, whom I can not and must not label as autistic or special needs or brain damaged, lost his coat at school. It is not in the lost'n'found, nor in his classroom. I am angry, but it was two years old and I paid $17 (tax included) at Macy's.

I have had two credit card offers since opening a Target account. My husband has not received any, and he is not on an Opt-Out list, whereas I am, so I know somebody's been selling my info.

I fret that my credit score took a big dive. The PTSA Fundraiser tells me she's working on getting our school on the Target RedCard program.

Bought two ounces of Canadian silver.

There is such a thing as being too penurious with money. My husband went out at the last minute to a concert I told him about, fine good. We had drinks at a campaign party beforehand, fine good. He bought CDs at the concert, one was signed by the band. This bothered me. My kid losing his coat bothered me too. My coats are second-hand and decades old. I haven't gone to a concert, but then again I bought boots. And I wait eleven weeks between haircuts.

Maybe it's because our statement shows billing of 55 days instead of 61 days last year, but I am astounded to find our water/sewer/yard waste/food waste/recycling bi-monthly bill down to $177.09. Two months ago it was $210 (summer rates, didn't feed my roses at all).

I have my DeadPool 2012 ten-person list. Funny how I'm so fussy about my list preparation and research, and then with seven weeks away until the end of the year I look at my 14 living people and think "now why did I think all these nonagenarians and one centenarian would die in 2011?" Watch as three people on my 2012 list die before December 30, and I replace them with my 2011 holdovers, and nobody dies at all in 2012. Except Harold Camping.

For My English Castle, I went for a walk today. I have been a couch potato for the past week doing last-minute election stuff, but now I am set free to go collect those urban blight yard signs from medians.

3 Responses to “Some fields are missing data”

  1. baselle Says:

    Centanarians generate negative points. Smile And Zsa Zsa still hangs on....

  2. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Zsa Zsa is a watched pot of water.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    I need to let go of some of my grouchiness at DH for his spending. He spends very little, but is a bit lax at shutting off lights and other horrible sins. And he has particular ticks about food waste; today he critiqued my apple slicing saying I was wasting apple by not cutting close enough to the core. In my grouchiness I told him that I could indeed demonstrate how close I could cut to the core if he'd approach the cutting board. When I feel particularly pinched these things bother me more.

    Zsa Zsa is Franco and Tito all over again.

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