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week update

October 28th, 2011 at 03:43 pm

Splurged on halibut tacos at Lowell's down in the Market, with a friend from the old country. I was leaning toward chowder yesterday, then fish'n'chips because I hadn't had any since July, then when I saw the halibut tacos offered I seized my chance. They were delicious. Maybe not $18 delicious, but Lowell's has waterfront views, plus the TV (silent) had a five-minute Buster Keaton montage, which started us talking about National Film Board classic short film "The Railrodder."

The rain here cries for tea: I'm having chai

Bought $76 worth of silver today. My Certificate of Deposit matures -- surprised to learn the CD interest rate is higher than the money market account. I'll be taking some money out of the market account to add to the CD, and into my son's savings account to grab some interest.

Bought gold ETF shares yesterday.

I did not do a lot of decluttering over the last few days -- campaign data mining. It makes me happy to see comments favouring the challengers in response to the "we're anti-union or anti-Seattle or really high on this good weed the Bellevue millionaires scored for us" editorials in the daily paper.

I wanted to do some shopping downtown but I always lose track of time in the library: it's a treasure hunt for me, and then I have to control myself or else I take out eight books, lose one, mislay three and overdue fines accrue, etc. It's a sickness.

1 Responses to “week update”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    I share your library illness, Paulette.
    This happens to other people at the mall, I know, but a good library is like a time warp.

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