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My nine-day passport stamp to Cascadia Discardia

October 20th, 2011 at 02:31 pm

Cascadia - land by the Cascade Mountains.
Discardia - cutesy-wootsy name for my participation in the Nine-Day 27-Item Boogie Fling, that latter name trademarked/copyright by

Text is FlyLady and Link is flylady.net
FlyLady. Now I'm no sugar-sucking, maggot-breeding drosophila suzukii: the FLY stands for "Finally Loving Yourself."

I am taking a cue from
Text is creditcardfree and Link is creditcardfree.savingadvice.com/organizing-cleaning/
creditcardfree and throwing out stuff. I have way too much paper -- the eco-terrorists are better off setting fire to my place instead of some university's Horticultural library, I sure hope they pick a January day to do it if I can't clean this stuff up.

I have discarded pieces of paper from floors, mostly. Receipts, expired coupons, library return-date slips.

dig my masterful way of taming paper!

Today's Discard of note: Two giant tubes of Banana Boat Sunblock for Kids, SPFs 30 and 50. Why are giant tubes of sunblock even available in Cascadia? Do they think that we all go to Hawaii or Arizona in winter and stay long enough to use them up?

Keep watching the posts tagged "Baby It's Culled Outside" (there's a reason I'm not invited to be a guest blogger here).

4 Responses to “My nine-day passport stamp to Cascadia Discardia”

  1. Dinah Sanders Says:

    Discardia isn't FlyLady's, but it sounds like you're joining in with just the right spirit.

    I love "Baby, It's Culled Outside" as a theme!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Great job. I looked at our sunblock, too. It is almost all used, but there is still some left. To toss or not to toss. Seems like a good idea to start fresh next summer.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    Tomorrow I may take a gander at the sunblock. I felt like I should've done more, but getting past the guilt found lots of paper, Sunday NYT crosswords that were almost done, red pens that have apparently circled their last grammar mistake, a jacket and sweater of DD's that has gone to the extremely wonderful admin woman at my office, two ugly coffee mugs, expired coupons, leaky lipsticks, a ruined stapler, and complimentary hotel shampoo bottles I've been working hard at using up. I used four in the past couple of weeks, but the bottles remained on the bathroom counter--until today. I want a snappy theme like Paulette's motto!

  4. LittleGopher Says:

    =) You put a smile on my face this morning!

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