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Today's Special

February 11th, 2014 at 04:03 pm

We went to a different supermarket today because one location is three blocks away from a superb butcher shop, and I figured if we didn't get a good deal on food at the supermarket we would go to the butcher's.
Most items we bought at the different supermarket were below what our regular supermarket charges. I saw some fellow "school parents" shopping there too, always a good sign. Got NY Strip steak for $5/lb; veal scallops for $7.33; I might start shopping at the other supermarket's location closer to us more frequently and start scheduling moments to view its online ads. Our regular supermarket offers gas rewards, but going three miles away for shopping we saved, even with the $1 we spent on gas there and back, close to 20% what we'd spend at the regular supermarket, and saved 1300% more than we would have earned in gas rewards.

Today my spouse received an offer in the mail to move the car loan to my credit union. My credit union, so 1.5 stars out of 5 that I keep accounts only for the privilege to throw my bling in its safe (I rate the credit union two because it has its own parking lot, is the closest establishment where I can get a safety deposit box, and the staff attitude is pretty good), offered 3.04% for seventy-two months. Yeeeeah right. First, we have under 75% LTV, not 81% LTV as the credit union guesstimated; a "green" and "new" car; and I'm not ever going to happily consider extending a car loan to seven years past its purchase. All three factors should earn us a 1.79% APR according to the credit union's website if we want a car loan paid off in four years. Mailed offers are the scratched-out-of-the-rectum crud.

As for yesterday's forum post, I can only say that I had close to an anxiety attack, and I am still antsy but the idea of spending under $10 to reward myself on something calming like wild orange oil, or an Income Tax Cocktail, ameliorates the horror of either doing pencil & paper, or using TurboTax. I dealt with this attack by using my home made

Text is orange vinegar and Link is http://www.thesimplehomemaker.com/homemade-orange-vinegar-cleaner
orange vinegar with baking soda for some bathroom floor grunge cleaning, and at the end of the day dabbing lavender oil drops on my feet and on my pillow.

I should offer a prediction poll.
Paulette will _______________ the IRS
a) owe more than a thousand dollars to
b) owe $750 - $1000 dollars to
c) owe less than b to and feel ashamed for moaning about
d) get money back from and feel ashamed for moaning about

I will tell you I have owed every year for the past six. I seem to remember paying over $800 last year.

Sochi Savings Challenge now $31


5 Responses to “Today's Special”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I will guess a) you will owe over a thousand dollars. Not that I want you to panic about that. Just based on how much you owed last year and you that you had more taxable events.

    Start tying to save and stash some cash away in the next couple weeks to help soften the blow of owing more than you usually do.

  2. baselle Says:

    I owed $700 last year. I ain't excited about it either. I pick b).

  3. NJDebbie Says:

    I will definitely owe this year! Frown

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    I'll owe this year too! If you're worried about coming up with the full amount, I read a tip in Kiplinger's to reduce the penalty. I can check and let you know what it is if you're interested. I want to say they said to pay a portion by 4/15 and the rest later, but I'm not 100% sure.

  5. PauletteGoddard Says:

    thanks, ceejay74!
    I confess my monthly budgeting includes e-fund subaccounts: car repairs (we lose our new car warranty free service this April), home maintenance (annual furnace cleaning/repair), motorcycle insurance, Christmas and birthdays. I have $955 available right now beyond what's in the fund. Plus a promise that if we owe beyond a mortgage payment, the spouse and I will have a neutral, serious discussion about tax planning and management.
    I have credit lines, but when I already feel choked, using the credit lines is like tightening the garrotte.

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