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Day after Payday Spending Spree

November 19th, 2011 at 04:13 pm

1. Target: shipping tape, butter @ $2.49/lb before 5% discount, 3lb bag o' Honeycrisp apples, bread, cat treats. Savings: $2.52

2. Replacement music book for boy.

3. Top Ten Toys: Japanese character wooden blocks for Japanese nephew toddler. Pricey but appropriate. Savings $5.00

4. Greenwood market: wine, chicken broth, distilled water, eggs, rosemary, bulk tea, SCHWEDDY BALLS - schadenfreude, whipping cream, creme fraiche. Savings: $10.80

5. Wayward Coffeehouse: $11.29 for Maple Leaf cookie, one hot chocolate, two cappuccinos.

6. Zenith Supplies: $11.70 for two bath oil vials, part of my schadenfreude reward.

italics means on sale
bold means bwahaha!

Boy got free slice of Whole Foods pizza: savings $3.27

I predict a lot of baking this week, what with bread flour soon to expire and two bags of apples.

I'm using coconut oil instead of shortening, now that I've learned what hydrogenated fats can do to the body, and although I haven't mastered measurement of coconut oil (e.g. I used 1/2 cup instead of four tablespoons), I have had some great results with pie and roll crust. Apples will also go into Bob's Red Mill 10-grain cereal, and juicing.

Today we started using our Chinook Book coupons, and I'll be pasting a log-sheet on the inside cover of what we saved, where and when.

Gearing up for Costco night! It'll be pricy, as I anticipate buying two months' worth of meat.

Promised a community radio DJ friend of mine I'd give to a station that played my favourite band, and she ahem'd at fund drive time, so probably $35-$50 donation there this week.

1 Responses to “Day after Payday Spending Spree”

  1. baselle Says:

    They had schweddy balls at the Greenwood Market? I'll have to go! The Wayward over on Roosevelt & 65th? I went over there a couple of Sundays ago - it was like they never left. Yay!

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