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Purge Day 4

October 23rd, 2011 at 05:36 pm

I've FreeCycled some items. Still working on making the 27 item list. It's hard: I'm getting help from the spouse and the child.

Second-to-last weekend for Chinook Book coupons -- I used one to buy presents for people. I went to the west part of the city to use one for a used bookstore, but the same "back in ten minutes" sign we saw at 2:30 was still displayed at 3:25. I feel more flush about buying gifts when I use coupons and I know some won't be mailed, and the ones which are small don't cost huge sums to mail (flashback to spice bag and quinoa and yerba mate care packages sent to Japan).

Learned that our local CD store accepts second-hand and used DVDs and CDs for sale.

My kid started Faith Formation classes and got a book which he promptly mislaid twenty minutes afterward. I thought maybe at a coffee house. So I have to pay for another book and have it shipped by air. I was distracted by talking to my County Councilmember about the extremely untimely death of a state senator with whom he and I both worked.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the credit union to deposit a cheque sent to my son. He doesn't have an ATM card and the credit union doors were locked, although all the waiting area seats inside were full with customers and the staff were busy. The ATM queuers told us to wait in line for the ATM, but I wasn't having any of that. I waited for someone to leave the credit union so we could brush past them to write a deposit slip and drop it in the express box. Even though the credit union hours had passed, I know writing a deposit slip and inserting it with a cheque in an envelope takes less than two minutes, and there were nine customers in there. We would not be the last ones to leave.

I was amused that one woman in queue was proud to share with strangers that she just joined the credit union. Lines at ATMs, full neighbourhood service centres, adjustments to be made when your credit union , fourth-largest in the nation, processes a 280% increase in new accounts. Next month it'll be "Occupy BECU."

I'll try making FreeCycle requests for some of my replacement items.

3 Responses to “Purge Day 4”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I think it might be more difficult to find 27 items in the coming days.

  2. baselle Says:

    I tossed out several buy xx get 1 free punch cards, and a couple of mismatched socks ... just trying to come up with some ideas.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    The punch cards! That will help me too.
    Here's what I dumped between today and yesterday:
    4 magazines, 15 expired coupons, 11 small stuffed animals going to Op Christmas Child along with 1 new free toothbrush, 1 old floppy disk (!) with first husband's handwritten label on it (eek), many many sheets of paper, 2 church bulletins, lots of duplicate assignment handouts, a really sad cabbage from the back of the fridge, some co-op coupons for a friend, and several broken crayons. I saw a friend at a baby shower and gave her her bread tray which had been living in the back of my car since July. I think I hit 27 yesterday, but need about a dozen more today.

    Addendum: Taking Baselle's sage advice (that was an herb joke)I have found three loyalty cards for stores that are now out of business, three more expired coupons, a restaurant coupon for a place 300 miles away that expires tomorrow, and duplicate key fob loyalty cards for a place I rarely shop in Chicago. Four more to follow!

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